Contributors To The Web Site

We would like to think all contributors to this web site. Without their help, this web site would not have been possible. They are as follows: James Robert Cox who spent hours doing research, traveling to and meeting with different persons in the community for information. Mary Cox, wife of James, organized the material and made phone calls. The Coxes were very instrumental in getting the site to the web.

Also included in the contributors list are Mrs. Mary Della Moncier Price, born 1898 passed away December 11, 2004 at age 105. If she had lived until January, she would have been 106. She had valuable information on the school named Bethany, where the children of the camp attended.

Mr. J.C. Reeves, "Junior", showed us the whereabouts of the camps rails and other important buildings and information.

Lucille Letterman Harrison did a drawing of the Peavine tracks, Madge Blake Walker furnished valuable information and copies from the Greene County Library, Dixie Blake and Madge's church article was used to begin the research.

Robert Hensley and wife furnished the 1970 Greene County news paper article, where much of the information was taken, and the copied pictures in the news article. Joe Harrison, gave support and history and locations for some of the articles.

Bob Hurley, writer of the "Peavine Railroad Represents some of County's Most Glorious By-gone Days" Greeneville Sun News Paper Saturday, August 22, 1970 and pictures. Elizabeth Tullock had pictures for the site.

Cheryl Summers wrote a wonderful book called "Phantom Railroads of the Nolichucky Ranger District" complete with pictures and interviews with folks who had worked and lived near the camp. We highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in railroads in the Greene County area.

Richard and Sarah Adams loaned the site previously unpublished Peavine pictures. Sarah's Great Aunt, Lucy Waddell took the pictures. Mark and Cleo Cox Waddell kept them safe for the next generation. Thanks to Mrs. Waddell, we now have rare photographs of the Greeneville and Nolichucky Railroad trestle that crossed the Nolichucky River.

Mark and Cleo Waddell are shown in this picture. The tank car behind them is not part of the Greeneville & Nolichucky Railroad.

Bud Laws is a retired member of the US Forestry services and he added details to the article of the runaway train. His grandfather was Cal Reaves, the blacksmith. Bud also gave us the names of several workers and their job descriptions.

Thanks to Marty Masker, whose grandfather, Clyde Ephraim Pearce, worked for the White Lumber Company for pictures and stories. Marty lives in Greeneville and has a cabin in the Bethany Community.

Thanks to Reta Reaves and Steve Colyer who live near the area of the logging operations for information and pictures. Their grandfather worked for the lumber company.

We also want to express a special "Thank You" to all the wonderful people of the Greene County communities of Greystone and Camp Creek for greatly enriching our lives. Thanks for the contributions of Mr. Robert Cox, Mrs. Lester Price, Mr. J.C. Reeves Jr., Madge Walker, Dixie Blake, Joe Harrison and the wonderful people of the Greystone, Gethsemane and Bethany Communities.