NameJob DescriptionBirth
Adams, John Laborer 1892
Alexander, Oren Laborer 1894
Anderson, E.S.Laborer1891
Anderson, HezakiahSaw Mill1890
Anderson, R.J.Logger1879
Author, MackLogger Lumber Mill1889
Bank, John Foreman of Logging Crew 1872
Barkin, H.Logger1891
Bent, EdLogger1890
Blake Harrison, Ruth 'Aunt Pete' Cook's Assistant/Waitress?
Bowman, Elijah Rail Crew?
Bright, George Laborer Section RR1891
Brooks, Jimmy C Engineer at Sawmill ?
Bryan, Hugh B Laborer Section RR 1886
Butman, William Saw Mill Laborer1875
Carlisle, Thomas Stationary Boiler Fireman 1878
Casale, Thomas D. Carpenter?
Collins, JaressLogger1894
Collins, JoeSaw Mill Laborer1890
Collins, V. S.Logger1888
Colyer, Gunter ??
Corbie, Horance Fireman for Rolling Sawmill Engine1873
Corum, JohnSaw Mill Laborer1877
Corum, NewtinSaw Mill Laborer1889
Crow, AndrewLumber Mill1878
Crum, Will Rail Crew?
Cummings, Alex Laborer Section RR 1877
Cutshall, Luther E Saw Mill Laborer1887
Cutshall, HarrisonSaw Mill1888
Cutshall, ScottSaw Mill Laborer1888
Cutshall, Turney P.Saw Mill Laborer1891
Cycle, GranvilleSaw Mill1882
Davis, Mart Lumber Yard ?
Davis, Walter ??
Dickens, CharlieLogger1881
Duncan, BobLogger Lumber Works1887
Earnest, John Engineer at Sawmill 1883
Ellar, ?Saw Mill1860
Ellar, FloydLogger Lumber Mill1890
Ellis, TedLogger1889
Ellis, TomLogger1892
Ellis, William 'Bill'?~1895
Ellison, Steve Laborer 1889
Ellison, Swan Laborer 1875
Evans, Matt Laborer Section RR 1887
Fillers, Bruce Log Roller?
Fillers, Dan H Saw Mill1883
Fletcher, JamesLogger1890
Gahy, OllLogger1893
Garland, GeorgeSaw Mill1891
Gentry, Marion Wood Chopper 1866
Gilland, John Wesley Gilland Section Hand RR  
Gillespie, Adam Section Hand RR 1873
Godsey, Earl Rail Construction Laborer 1894
Gregg, George Lumber Yard Laborer 1850
Gregg, James A Lumber Yard Laborer 1888
Gregg, Mr Lorrie Lumber Yard Cook 1893
Griffin, Robert Laborer 1890
Gunter, Calvin    
Gunter, James Malcolm 'Jim'    
Hacker, MurphLocomotive Engineer 1880
Hall, Arthur Laborer 1885
Hall, William Laborer 1892
Hallbrook, R.W.Logger1885
Hallum, LawrenceBlack Smith1883
Hamm, SimonLogger1889
Harrel, LoyalSaw Mill1894
Harris, FredSaw Filer1891
Harrison, SamLogger1883
Heaten, BobSuperintendent Lumber Yard1889
Hendson, Arthur Fireman for Saw Engine 1881
Hixson, William N Fireman for Lumber Mill 1869
Holt, Alan Laborer Section RR 1868
Hunter, George Laborer 1846
Hunter, Harris M Logger 1886
Hunter, Jack Laborer 1887
Jack, MelvinSaw Mill Laborer1886
Jackson, Lee Railroad Maintenance 1890
Jackson, Loy Railroad Maintenance 1894
Jennings, Mel Brakeman?
Jennings, Tom Logger1891
Johnson, James Lumber Mill Laborer 1862
Johnson, Sam Fire Man 1880
Keller, Jefferson Lumber Yard1879
Kembell, Price Boss of Cooking 1878
Keykamdall, AndyTimber Cutter1875
Kite, William A Lumber Mill Worker 1892
Kuykendall, Erasmus  1880
Kuykendall, PrevisCommissary Worker 1878
Lamb, Bird Saw Mill Laborer 1890
Laws, Boufus W Lumber Inspector 1871
Laws, Pearl Commissary Clerk?
Laws, RufusLogger1892
Layberger, Elijah Frederick * Foreman and General Manager 1857
Layberger, William Don Tree Grader 1886
Letterman, James D Blacksmith1875
Long, Joseph W Sawyer Saw Mill1866
McCoy, Michael Ran Sawmill 1866
McKee, Blane Logger 1889
McKee, Sam *** Logger at Lumber Yard 1860
Maer, Jamesboarding house keeper1887
Manley, JerieLogger1869
Mayfield, GineLogger1889
Meets, TimSaw Mill1887
Minton, Rufus M.Logger1865
Moncier, Tutt Laborer Sawmill 1884
Mooneyham, Ruben Foreman of Lumber Mill 1880
Mooneyham, Will Laborer 1880
Morley, D.C.Lumber yard1886
Morris, Robert L Saw Mill Laborer 1872
Morrow, Jessie Laborer 1889
Norton, AlvinTimber Cutter1891
Norton, Dave Laborer 1860
Norton, NineveyLumber Cutter1857
ODell, Mack Laborer 1891
Painter, Elizabeth Housekeeper at Boarding House 1847
Painter, Minnie Waitress at Hotel 1891
Parks, Robert Lumber Yard Laborer 1887
Pearce, Clyde Ephraim Commissary Clerk or Bookkeeper?
Peters, JohnSaw Mill Sawyer1890
Price, Alfred Lumber Mill Laborer 1862
Ramsey, Elijah Laborer Section RR 1887
Rawlins, DaveLogger Lumber Mill1892
Reaves, Cal Blacksmith?
Reaves, James M Laborer at Sawmill 1864
Reaves, Monroe O Laborer at Sawmill 1886
Reaves, Vesta Kitchen - Met and married Bill Ellis 1895
Rector, Horance Fireman for Rolling Mill Engine 1883
Ricker, B.H.Timber Cutter1888
Ricker, BledraeSaw Mill Logger1870
Ricker, Ricker D.Saw Mill Laborer1885
Ricker, Walter J.Saw Mill Laborer1879
Riddle, William Laborer at Sawmill 1889
Roberts, Benjamin Foreman of Section RR 1868
Roberts, CharlieSaw Mill Laborer1890
Roberts, SaulSaw Mill Laborer1892
Rodgers, DavidSaw Mill Laborer1873
Rollan, Ed Laborer 1875
Rowe, James Laborer 1876
Rowland, Eli ** Foreman of Timber Crew 1872
Rowland, Harman Laborer 1894
Ruckler, DuckLogger1885
Ruff, Adam C Lumber Yard Laborer 1887
Sanders, Marshallengineer Lumber Mill1870
Sarrel, John Lumber Yard Laborer 1875
Scaggens, AuthurLogger1890
Scripes, George F. Section Hand RR 1889
Self, John Foreman of Section RR 1869
Shelton, James B Laborer at Sawmill 1887
Shelton, Joe Farrier  
Shelton, Marion Cooking Boss 1883
Shelton, Marvin Laborer at Sawmill 1883
Shoun, Jim Logger?
Smith, EdwardSaw Mill Laborer1881
Stanton, CharlieSaw Mill1890
Stills, France Saw Mill Laborer 1883
Story, GeorgeLogger1877
Strange, John Laborer 1888
Tarr, FloranceTimber Cutter1890
Tarr, WileyLogger1875
Tate, Charlie Laborer 1886
Thomas, GeorgeSaw Mill Laborer1880
Tigus, Nick Laborer 1884
Tres, Blane Laborer 1891
Trimtti, B.F.Logger Lumber yard1889
Tullock, Bunah Basil Bookkeeper & Pay Master & Secretary?
Tumble, T.E.Logger1878
Turner, Millard Lumber Yard Laborer 1887
Viles, Orker Logging Contractor1865
Voles, FrankLogging Contractor1873
Voles, HaganLogger1886
Waldrop, WillSaw Mill1884
Wooden, StephenEngineer Saw Mill1868
Ward, Carter E Saw Mill Laborer 1879
Ward, Daniel N Saw Mill Laborer 1883
Ward, Garrum Saw Mill Laborer 1883
Whiteside, WadeLumber Mill1865
Wilcox, Lawrence Commissary  
Wilcox, Leon Commissary  
Wihoit, Sidney E Laborer 1890
Wilson, John L.Saw Mill Laborer1898
Wilson, JohnLogger1891
Wilson, Lewis Laborer 1886
Wilson, ThomasSaw Mill Laborer1880
Wolf, Sampron Saw Mill Laborer1893
Woody, John Laborer 1875
Yance, FrankSaw Mill Laborer1871
Yarland, DavidLumber man1879
Yarland, JerrieSaw Mill1896
Yaunce, DavidLogging Contractor 1865
Yaunce, WillieLogger1892

* Elijah Frederick Layberger - Nov13, 1857 - July 24, 1939. Son - Don Layberger.
Elijah was born in Clearfield at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He moved to Greene County with the Heilman Lumber Company. His name was Elijah Frederick Leuenberger which later became "Layberger". His father, Friedrich Wilhelm Leuenberger, moved to America in 1840 from Bern, Switzerland to work with Mr. John DuBois at the "Susquehanna Boon" in DuBoistown, PA. His Grandfather back in Switzerland owned a family lumber mill that had been in the Leuenberger family for over 400 years prior.

Elijah and Ella married 20 May 1880. Elijah was a worker for the lumber companies which were all located in Williamsport, PA that bought up millions of acres of timber in PA, WV and TN. He came to Lanesville, WV to work as a Superintendent of the wood yard. (Lanesville was named after a man named martin Lane, a lumber tycoon form Wilmington, DE). Then he went on to TN.

Ella Mae was a diabetic and on 20 Feb 1922 at the age of 60, died at her daughter Estelle and her husband Dr. James V. Jordan's home in Covington, VA. Her body was sent by train to her sister Minnie Dunkleberger in DuBoistown. She was burried in the Wildwood Cem. at Williamsport. Elijah went back to Lanesville to live around the time of the depression where he stayed on the farm his daughter Estelle owned. This is where he lived until his death of cancer of the colon. He died in the house 24 July 1939 and is burried in the Davis Cemetery, Davis, WV. He was 82.

This information was provided by J. Anderson and originally came originally by Bill (William) Layberger, Grandson of Elijah.
** Eli Rowland - From Pennsylvania
*** Sam McKee - Father of Blane McKee

On days when the men could not work because of rain and mud or falling slippery snow they mostly stayed in the camp and played games like cards, cribbage, and checkers, or wrestled, pitched horse shoes, and competed in Lap-Jack. The men also had shooting contests using bulls-eye targets.

The picture below, taken from another logging web site, depicts lumberjacks in recreation during a friendly wrestling or boxing match.

Photo used by permission of Rita Neustifter.
The participants are brothers Jack Philippi and Peter (Phil) Philippi.

The Peavine camp was a pleasant place to live. Unlike most lumber camps, little or no violence ever occurred in the camp, as the people were very religious and law abiding citizens.

In its heyday, the entire Greystone operation employed roughly 300 laborers. The general manager with the company, overseeing the outside operation, was Mr. Layberger. Also needed were train engineers, who, in Nashville in 1896, were making $65.00 a month. It is unknown how much the Peavine engineers made.

Other employees needed to run a lumber camp were camp or section foreman, woods superintendent, lumberjacks, timber graders, tie makers for making cross ties for the rails, heavy equipment operators, coal or fire men to feed the furnaces to keep the equipment running, teamsters to handle the mules and horses, mechanics and blacksmiths to keep the machinery in good running order, commissary clerks, book keepers, cooks, saw filers to sharpen the various saws (done by hand and foot crank grinders), carpenters and various other jobs. Many of the laborers were from the Gethsemane community.